The art of reducing environmental impact by 40 percent is actually no art at all

Digitising a project can generate time savings of up to 30 percent while the environmental impact of a project can decrease by fully 40 percent. The success factor is spelled BIM. Or Building Information Modelling, to be exact.

Exact has worked with 3D data from the outset. This entails digitising reality and turning digital models into reality. Today, the process has a name – and all stakeholders in a project benefit from what is referred to as BIM (Building Information Modelling). For example, time savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved, while environmental impact can be reduced by as much as 40 percent. More information about these figures can be found in the study Connected building site.

Avoid surprises with digital imaging
But how does it work? Well, everyone involved in a project works in the same digital BIM model. This minimises the risk of surprises that can lead to delays, increased costs and, in the long run, increased environmental impact.

“Using 3D scanning, based on millions of measurement points and charting as much as every third millimetre of surface area, and a database that is updated continuously during the process, you gain a view of how well reality matches the drawings, you can quickly detect any deviations and you can make adjustments to methods and choices of materials.”

Making the difficult easy
Exact is able to support this process through intelligent solutions. In recent years, we have “decoded” our approach, based on thousands of projects carried out in Northern Europe. Through this international experience, we have amassed knowledge from various countries, partners and technical universities. Today, we successfully perform our assignments in accordance with this best practice process, making our customers BIM-ready.

“Our ambition is to make the difficult easy. As a customer, you should not have to master the digital technology yourself. Instead, your project is made BIM-ready, by means of our intelligent solutions and working methods,” concludes Fredrik Andershed.

Mile Petrovic
Business Manager Scan to BIM

+47 - 46 98 52 21

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