Exact as Built

Exact as Built is a smooth and efficient quality control for more profitable construction projects. It allows you to easily and continuously monitor progress during construction work and correct any deviations in time to make the necessary adjustments. Quickly, smoothly and very cost-effectively.


3D scanning of ongoing construction projects provides all parties involved with access to detailed measurements throughout a project. The scan is fast, accurate and detailed and can be done both indoors and outdoors. After our consultants have completed the scan, they will analyse the information for you. You get more than just numbers. You will get documentation containing all the data you need to make the right decisions during the project. 

Easy to understand – easy to access

The results are delivered digitally in an easy-to-understand and visual 3D format. You do not need access to a computer, and can easily open the file on your smartphone or tablet and apply the information wherever and whenever you want. How’s that for smooth and efficient? If you have questions about the results, you can always contact your consultant to discuss them further.

Detect deviations in time

Using Exact as Built regularly during construction allows you to keep track of whether construction is being carried out in accordance with the plans, and to quickly detect any deviations in time to make adjustments. This saves both time and money. And it ensures that your construction projects are profitable.

5 quick benefits of Exact as Built

  1. Higher quality
    By scanning the building at an early stage, you can compare reality with the 3D model or drawings and make sure they match. This allows you to see all discrepancies, both large and small, and to be able to make decisions ensuring that you meet the project requirements and deliver as agreed.
  2. Reduced cost
    The fact that the deviations are discovered early in the construction process means that large sums of money can be saved or distributed within the project or organization. Time and cost go hand in hand – changes take time and time is money. When the errors are corrected immediately, you reduce both time and costs.
  3. The right decision – at the right time
    The sooner any deviations are detected, the faster you can make decisions putting you back on the right track. You are also doing this while the appropriate documentation, tools and skills are already in place. Simply efficient!
  4. Easy to use
    There is no need to master any advanced programs to understand the 3D material you receive. The results are sent over in an easy-to-understand format that you can open at any time and in any location – on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 
  5. Digitized all phases
    We have digitized the process from start to finish. Interpreting the data is straightforward and the results are easy to use and accessible for all parties. All of that – at a low cost.
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