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A better understanding of both process and completed construction

With Exact as your BIM partner, you get all the information you need – as well as the ability to understand the information and use it correctly. Wherever you are in the project life cycle, we have the services and products that enable both increased productivity and higher quality.

We make you BIM-ready!

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Gathering information in one place enables more efficient processes

BIM is not just a 3D model. It is also a working method and a database. All information is gathered in one place and all parties involved – owners, architects, contractors – all work with the same data. This ensures a more effective working process.

Improved coordination leads to less errors

A shared collective database that connects all information, in all aspects of the workflow, reduces the risk of errors the can occur in communication between different parties. This improved coordination leads to significantly less error throughout the entire process.

Less time required and reduced expenses

Decreased errors means fewer changes throughout the entire process. Changes take time, and time is money. BIM saves you both time and expenses.

Improved estimation of time, expenses and materials

BIM gives you improved control over the entire process – right from the start. Accurately estimating time, expenses and materials is made easier.

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