Underground positioning – stop guessing, now you can be certain

Not knowing fully what lies beneath the surface is a major and unfortunately common problem. This can lead to costly mistakes and, in the worst cases, dangerous accidents. So, why guess when you can be certain?

Positioning structures underground is a complicated process. We can now make it easy for you. Using modern technology and a large dose of knowledge, we can position underground structures based on your project’s unique requirements. We will ascertain where ground rock, cables, pipes and other installations are located. And we do so at depths of as much as six meters.

The right result, easy to use

Depending on the conditions of your project, we collect data using radar, sensors and traditional surveying technology, and then convert this into location-specific data. This requires unique, cutting-edge expertise, highly accurate instruments and many years of experience. We have all of that. The material is delivered in an easily accessible 3D-format that you can open wherever you want, whenever you want.

Many advantages – some of them vital

The advantages are numerous. Some are vital because they help make the working environment considerably safer. Naturally, knowing where things are located reduces the risk of damaging objects or encountering unexpected surprises, thereby avoiding delays and expensive modifications. In addition, the whole project becomes more efficient when you are more easily able to plan, adjust and share information. Yes, you will save both time and money. And increase your profitability.

Here’s how – step by step

1. Selection of method based on the project’s opportunities and needs

2. Review of existing documentation

3. Updating of documentation following visible changes on site

4. Ground detection using ground radar and electromagnetic detector

5. Determination of depth and location of identified objects

6. Compilation of collected data

7. Delivery in an easily accessible file format

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