Machine control

Smart machinery and equipment

The use of automated machinery is an integral part of most building projects, resulting in added savings and precision. We help you determine the automated systems best suited to your needs so you can quickly get down to productive work. We create and secure 3D models from project blueprints are uploaded into the machines’ control systems. We provide reference points and then ensure that machines automatically communicate and coordinate work properly. Our team members will be on site to put the automated systems into operation, to verify that everything functions correctly, and to provide personnel instruction and training so everyone involved in your project is up to date.

Instruments and equipment for hire

In addition to providing expert machine control consulting services, EXACT also offers market-leading measuring instruments and survey equipment for hire. We maintain a large machine inventory to furnish our 200 survey specialists with the most advanced instruments and tools. We also provide on-going equipment service to optimise productivity from project start to finish.

Andreas Danielsson
Business Manager

Tel: +46 (0)70-555 27 61

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