Rail & roadworks

Rail surveying

The EXACT Rail Survey team is comprised of experts who specialise in surveying for railway and subway construction, maintenance and renovation projects throughout Europe. Our teams have the necessary knowledge, skills, experience and resources to deliver accurate information quickly to keep your project on track. Because work in railway environments is especially demanding, all EXACT Rail Survey team members regularly undergo authorisation and safety courses. Documentation is especially important in railway projects to meet national rail administration requirements and we provide detailed as-built documentation according to your needs.

Exact Street

EXACT Street is the only surveying technology in its class that guarantees road measurement accuracy within 2 mm from fixed points, making it must-have technology in modern road construction and repair. Make future road planning and repairs easier with accurate, comprehensive data and detailed maps. Whether you manage intercity roads, streets or highways, EXACT Street can save you both time and money.

EXACT Street helps you save significantly on new road construction, prolong the life of your repair work and keep road closures to a minimum. Successful road construction projects rely on EXACT Street technology throughout the entire course of the project and as a basis for 3D models. The EXACT Street optimized 3D road design (re-profiled road) helps you visualise road IRI parameters, road surface drainage, longitudinal and transverse unevenness and leaning characteristics of the roadway.

Reduce the cost of unnecessary reconstruction while you focus on achieving a plane road surface with uniform asphalt layers and adequate drainage, contributing to a lifetime of driving comfort and safety.

Surveying for building and construction

We offer surveying services of all types of constructions, including residential buildings, office buildings, sport venues and industrial facilities. EXACT also carry out on-site construction and control surveys for structures such as bridges, streets and railroads as well as location surveys and setting out for ducts, HVAC systems, elevator shafts, asphalt-paved areas, terraces, piles, foundations, concrete frameworks and other structures.

Joakim Ammarox
Team Manager

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