Surveying for building and construction

We offer surveying services of all types of constructions, including residential buildings, office buildings, sport venues and industrial facilities. EXACT also carry out on-site construction and control surveys for structures such as bridges, streets and railroads as well as location surveys and setting out for ducts, HVAC systems, elevator shafts, asphalt-paved areas, terraces, piles, foundations, concrete frameworks and other structures.

Geodetic network surveying

Geodetic network surveying helps to determine the exact location of specific reference points in the terrain to serve as guidelines when constructing roads, buildings or preparing digital models and maps. We conduct terrestrial as well as satellite-based geodetic surveys with the highest degree of accuracy to provide widely spaced control points for subsequent aerial surveys.

Monitoring and surveillance

Many construction projects occur in busy urban areas and other sensitive environments. When blasting, tunnelling and other risks are involved, security must be guaranteed. We provide smart surveillance for maximum security. Surveillance is automatically carried out – even at night, on public holidays and in areas with no admittance. If excess movement is detected, the designated personnel are automatically notified. We will help you install the necessary equipment, define parameters and implement the system.

Quantity surveying

EXACT team members have many years’ experience in quantity surveying. From the moment construction starts until the project is complete, a quantity surveyor is involved in cost planning, contract negotiations and project management. EXACT collects data provided by several surveying methods – for example laser scanning, GPS and total station – to help to ensure your project remains efficient and profitable.

Exact as Built

Using Exact as Built regularly during construction allows you to keep track of whether construction is being carried out in accordance with the plans, and to quickly detect any deviations in time to make adjustments. This saves both time and money. And it ensures that your construction projects are profitable.

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