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We offer a wide range of industrial surveying services – from onshore surveying of industrial plants to offshore surveying in harsh environments. Measuring with exactness in demanding environments requires use of the most advanced techniques and highly qualified personnel. Surveyors must often work in narrow spaces and under tough conditions. EXACT surveyors are hardy, knowledgeable and skilled, with experience from a variety of projects in various industries. We can guarantee the informed, experienced surveyors you need to do the job right.


Offshore oil & gas industry surveys

At EXACT, we know the most critical factor when working offshore is time. The laser scanner is thus the ideal instrument to provide an accurate, highly detailed 3D point cloud. Our surveys of rigs and vessels are based on the XYZ grid reference system. We normally measure the object offshore, and then perform modelling of the object in the office back on shore. EXACT also undertake verification surveyes to provide as-built documentation.

Surveying of industrial equipment

What is measured can be managed. EXACT will survey your industrial plant to map the exact locations of machinery by establishing foundation layout, machine footprint, machine axis, baseline and sole plate layout. We help you with the exact measurements you need to successfully install industrial equipment and control the alignment of precision machinery like rolling mills to ensure that your product (steel, paper, plastic, etc.) does not crease or run off the edge of the rollers. We can take detailed measurements of cylinder forms and calibrate storage tanks according to ISO specifications and perform settlement control and documentation.

Surveying the industrial plant

Exact consultants are using the latest laser-scanning and 3D-modelling technology to perform complete surveys of your facilities to help support and execute plant additions, re-builds, revamps, turnarounds and scheduled maintenance activities. We measure and record as-built conditions and map and model facilities, systems, structures, piping, equipment and all existing components and integrate them into a 3D design model. We help you see the exact placement of virtually every item within your plant and its relation to other objects. Exact helps you take full control over your facility’s engineering and design.

Building Information Modelling

3D surveys and models from us at EXACT are the starting point of any successful building information modelling (BIM) project. We deliver the BIM data you need to support smart decision-making regarding your constructions. We use 3D scanning technology to create exact digital models to help your architects, engineers and designers visualise form and function to predict costs and make any necessary changes proactively. EXACT helps you to make smart decisions earlier in the process to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the construction of well-built, cost-effective, energy-efficient structures. Read more

Exact as Built

Using Exact as Built regularly during construction allows you to keep track of whether construction is being carried out in accordance with the plans, and to quickly detect any deviations in time to make adjustments. This saves both time and money. And it ensures that your construction projects are profitable. Read more

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