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We carefully examine the elements and conditions of your proposed site and surrounding areas before project planning and building begin. We deliver the exact measurement data you need to transform your ideas into physical constructions. Our skilled surveyors work closely with architects, engineers and designers to develop survey drawings to be incorporated into engineering design plans. Count on our experts’ knowledge and experience to help you overcome obstacles and see more possibilities.


Topographic surveying

When specialist proficiency and qualifications are necessary, we are the partner you can rely on. EXACT is a large established organisation with ample personnel and resources so your projects and assignments never need stagnate. The EXACT Topographic Surveying Team is comprised of specialists in project planning documentation. Our focus is on quality and exactness. We also provide precision measurements from aerial target surveys.

We perform land surveys and deliver ready-to-use measurement data and terrain models for your project. Our expertise and equipment are also suitable for detailed industrial area surveys, where high precision and knowledge of industry-specific methods and equipment are required. We are often engaged to set aerial control targets for various types of aerial photography, and we will gladly assume full responsibility for helicopter surveys related to your project.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

In addition to conducting ground surveys in the field, we also make use of aerial laser scanning technology and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The UAV is a valuable tool used to collect data for inspection, surveillance, mapping and 3D modelling. We recommend this fixed-wing, multi-rotor solution for orthophoto generation and the 3D mapping of your infrastructure and mining sites. Our UAV solution is a smart way to keep information on your site up to date.

Building Information Modelling

3D surveys and models from us at EXACT are the starting point of any successful building information modelling (BIM) project. We deliver the BIM data you need to support smart decision-making regarding your constructions. We use 3D scanning technology to create exact digital models to help your architects, engineers and designers visualise form and function to predict costs and make any necessary changes proactively. EXACT helps you to make smart decisions earlier in the process to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the construction of well-built, cost-effective, energy-efficient structures. Read more

Exact as Built

Using Exact as Built regularly during construction allows you to keep track of whether construction is being carried out in accordance with the plans, and to quickly detect any deviations in time to make adjustments. This saves both time and money. And it ensures that your construction projects are profitable. Read more

Hydrographic surveying

EXACT provide echo sounder surveying services of lakes, rivers, water-reservoirs and seabed down to approximately 80 meters depth. The soundings, GPS and attitude measurements are processed to terrain models which can be delivered stand-alone or in combination with terrestrial data.

To collect sufficient data and to avoid unnecessary delays, surveying in a marine environment requires specialist personnel with hydrographic experience and knowledge of what constitutes a high-quality survey. This is why we rely only on skilled, practised surveyors.

Geodetic network surveying

Geodetic network surveying helps to determine the exact location of specific reference points in the terrain to serve as guidelines when constructing roads, buildings or preparing digital models and maps. We conduct terrestrial as well as satellite-based geodetic surveys with the highest degree of accuracy to provide widely spaced control points.

Cadastral surveying & property boundaries

We deliver the legal measurement data you need to determine property boundaries or create new property by dividing or merging existing one. We measure and collect data for cemetery maps and maps of above-ground and underground utility cables and pipes. Maps are available in 2D and 3D and include GIS attributes and related information. EXACT can assume full responsibility for all phases of a mapping project – from choosing a measurement method suited to the area to the compilation of data in the system of your choice. Our greatest strength is fast delivery. Exact also has a large geographical area of operation and personnel resources to deliver the finest quality, regardless of the project location.

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Business Manager Scan to BIM

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Project Manager Scan to BIM

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General Manager Czech Republic

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