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Members of the EXACT team are often the first professionals on site, and they make many return visits to ensure you have the exact measurements needed to see your project through to completion. We take frequent measurements to regularly advise architects, engineers and contractors so your project remains on course. We pinpoint the exact location where a bridge, road or underground tunnel should begin and end, and we determine the exact location for phone lines, power lines, pipes, sewage drains and other utility systems. EXACT makes for a more controlled project and a simpler workday.


Underground expertise

EXACT have amassed more than 10 years’ experience in mining and tunnelling through our work in Scandinavia and the Czech Republic. Underground work is complex and challenging due to the harsh conditions created by limited space, air pollutants, noise and vibrations. There are also risks associated with falling rocks, toxic gas and explosives. EXACT team members know what it takes to keep safe and stay on target in underground mining and tunnelling projects. We will gladly share our knowledge and experience with you. We conduct underground construction surveying, 3D laser scanning, quality control of tunnels, mass calculations, overbreak and underbreak calculations, and earthwork optimization as well as general project control and monitoring.

Smart machinery and equipment

The use of automated machinery is an integral part of most building projects, resulting in added savings and precision. We help you determine the automated systems best suited to your needs so you can quickly get down to productive work. We create and secure 3D models from project blueprints are uploaded into the machines’ control systems. We provide reference points and then ensure that machines automatically communicate and coordinate work properly. Our team members will be on site to put the automated systems into operation, to verify that everything functions correctly, and to provide personnel instruction and training so everyone involved in your project is up to date.

Instruments and equipment for hire

In addition to providing expert machine control consulting services, EXACT also offers market-leading measuring instruments and survey equipment for hire. We maintain a large machine inventory to furnish our 200 survey specialists with the most advanced instruments and tools. We also provide on-going equipment service to optimise productivity from project start to finish.

Quantity surveying

EXACT team members have many years’ experience in quantity surveying. From the moment construction starts until the project is complete, a quantity surveyor is involved in cost planning, contract negotiations and project management. EXACT collects data provided by several surveying methods – for example laser scanning, GPS and total station – to help to ensure your project remains efficient and profitable.

Rail surveying

The EXACT Rail Survey team is comprised of experts who specialise in surveying for railway and subway construction, maintenance and renovation projects throughout Europe. Our teams have the necessary knowledge, skills, experience and resources to deliver accurate information quickly to keep your project on track. Because work in railway environments is especially demanding, all EXACT Rail Survey team members regularly undergo authorisation and safety courses. Documentation is especially important in railway projects to meet national rail administration requirements and we provide detailed as-built documentation according to your needs.

Stop-and-Go 3D Scanning

The Exact 3D control car, equipped with a 3D laser scanner, enables our team to speedily survey the land surface and collect precise spatial data. The control car is especially useful in creating topographic maps, surface contour plans, 3D visualizations and digital models of terrain (DMTs). We can scale mapped areas of up to one million square meters per day and measure the smallest details with the greatest accuracy by relying on the latest in laser scanning technology.

Exact Street

EXACT Street is the only surveying technology in its class that guarantees road measurement accuracy within 2 mm from fixed points, making it must-have technology in modern road construction and repair. Make future road planning and repairs easier with accurate, comprehensive data and detailed maps. Whether you manage intercity roads, streets or highways, EXACT Street can save you both time and money.

EXACT Street helps you save significantly on new road construction, prolong the life of your repair work and keep road closures to a minimum. Successful road construction projects rely on EXACT Street technology throughout the entire course of the project and as a basis for 3D models. The EXACT Street optimized 3D road design (re-profiled road) helps you visualise road IRI parameters, road surface drainage, longitudinal and transverse unevenness and leaning characteristics of the roadway.

Reduce the cost of unnecessary reconstruction while you focus on achieving a plane road surface with uniform asphalt layers and adequate drainage, contributing to a lifetime of driving comfort and safety.

One-Button Scanning (OBS) and post-processing

The One-Button Scanning (OBS) solution from EXACT allows for extremely fast, accurate 3D data acquisition and one-click cloud post-processing. OBS is ideal for surface mining operations as well as other earth-moving projects and can be used for the secure, efficient collection of 3D survey data on any construction or structure. Fast cloud post-processing focuses on data registration, digital terrain generation, volume calculation and 3D project geometry/conformity control. OBS does not require training and can be implemented immediately on site.

One-button 3D scanning can be accomplished by any operator on any site to generate accurate, high-quality data. Construction and mining companies do not need surveyor specialists to collect and analyze mapping data. Instead, the general staff are able to collect valuable data to aid in the day-to-day management of construction and mining operations to lower costs and increase returns. Our skilled team of qualified, experienced specialists are on hand to process the collected data according to your needs within 24 hours. With EXACT Mine Map, our cloud-based solution, your personnel have online access to advanced, customisable post-processing just a click away.

OBS information can help you increase efficiency and reduce the amount of equipment needed at your site. You can see exactly how many trucks are needed in each loading area, and you can avoid costs due to ramps with improper slopes. Ultimately, OBS allows you to use accurate, up-to-date information to achieve optimal operating performance and safety while reducing business risk. Getting started requires no investment or experts. Save time and money with us.

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Regional Manager

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General Manager Czech Republic

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