We see more square meters

We offer expert surveying with advanced 3D laser scanning technology that allows us to measure large areas quickly and precisely. We see every detail of a property and supply the data you need to make accurate property assessments. The EXACT team can help you to find the square meters you didn’t know existed and we can provide you with precise documentation and drawings to assist you in every phase of your real estate development project. We see more in every property.


We see more in 3D

We survey all types of complex spaces and large-scale objects such as residential or commercial buildings, factories, internal environments and installations. EXACT rely on the most advanced 3D-scanning technologies to capture data quickly and accurately, with attention to every detail. Our surveys generate a trove of measurement data used to create documentation for a variety of purposes. We will present and deliver that data in 3D models, 2D drawings or elevation/cross-section drawings according to your exact wishes.

As-built documentation

Design, reconstruction and other engineering and management projects call for accurate, complete and timely documentation for subsequent operation and maintenance. EXACT produce as-built CAD drawings of your constructions to document the dimensions and location of all system components. We comply with your documentation needs and requirements. As-built drawings can be produced after an all-inclusive survey or after a partial survey if you merely wish to complement your existing drawings. Read more

Building Information Modelling

We deliver the building information modelling (BIM) data you need to support smart decision-making regarding your constructions. EXACT use 3D scanning technology to create exact digital models to help your architects, engineers and designers visualize form and function to predict costs and make any necessary changes proactively. Make smart decisions earlier in the process to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the construction of a well-built, cost-effective, energy-efficient structure. Read more

Mile Petrovic
Business Manager Scan to BIM

+47 - 46 98 52 21

Marek Přikryl
General Manager Czech Republic

+420-775 787 032

Sami Luoma
Project Manager Scan to BIM

+358-50 431 4331

Janis Heinsbergs
Country Manager

+371 26 53 73 59

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