We see more exact details

We miss nothing at EXACT. We work our way from the smallest components to the structure as a whole to bring you the exact details. Thanks to our surveying expertise and our knowledge and experience in all the different phases of construction, we see structures more exactly and measure them more accurately. EXACT always brings the right technology and the right personnel to your site to complete every surveying task with precision, in the most economical and timely manner possible.


Surveying for building and construction

We offer surveying services of all types of constructions, including residential buildings, office buildings, sport venues and industrial facilities. EXACT also carry out on-site construction and control surveys for structures such as bridges, streets and railroads as well as location surveys and setting out for ducts, HVAC systems, elevator shafts, asphalt-paved areas, terraces, piles, foundations, concrete frameworks and other structures.

Project management and client support services

At EXACT, we ensure that accurate measurements are obtained efficiently, according to your exact specifications, in the most economical manner possible. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in leading comprehensive construction projects. EXACT provide you with continual guidance during all phases of your project to help guarantee your project’s success.

We help you avoid unnecessary errors and misunderstandings by examining all related project documents to verify that they meet established requirements before your project commences to ensure your project gets off to a successful start. Take advantage of our on-going client support services during your project to verify that legal contracts, regulations and construction tolerance guidelines are being adhered to. We can effectively communicate with your contractors and will verify that all parties involved in the project are following quality control measures as stipulated in the plans.

Monitoring and surveillance

Many construction projects occur in busy urban areas and other sensitive environments. When blasting, tunnelling and other risks are involved, security must be guaranteed. We provide smart surveillance for maximum security. Surveillance is automatically carried out – even at night, on public holidays and in areas with no admittance. If excess movement is detected, the designated personnel are automatically notified. We will help you install the necessary equipment, define parameters and implement the system.

Geodetic network surveying

Geodetic network surveying helps to determine the exact location of specific reference points in the terrain to serve as guidelines when constructing roads, buildings or preparing digital models and maps. We conduct terrestrial as well as satellite-based geodetic surveys with the highest degree of accuracy to provide widely spaced control points for subsequent aerial surveys.

Exact as Built

Using Exact as Built regularly during construction allows you to keep track of whether construction is being carried out in accordance with the plans, and to quickly detect any deviations in time to make adjustments. This saves both time and money. And it ensures that your construction projects are profitable. Read more

One-Button Scanning (OBS) and post-processing

The One-Button Scanning (OBS) solution from EXACT allows for extremely fast, accurate 3D data acquisition and one-click cloud post-processing. OBS is ideal for surface mining operations as well as other earth-moving projects and can be used for the secure, efficient collection of 3D survey data on any construction or structure. Fast cloud post-processing focuses on data registration, digital terrain generation, volume calculation and 3D project geometry/conformity control. OBS does not require training and can be implemented immediately on site.

One-button 3D scanning can be accomplished by any operator on any site to generate accurate, high-quality data. Construction and mining companies do not need surveyor specialists to collect and analyze mapping data. Instead, the general staff are able to collect valuable data to aid in the day-to-day management of construction and mining operations to lower costs and increase returns. Our skilled team of qualified, experienced specialists are on hand to process the collected data according to your needs within 24 hours. With EXACT Mine Map, our cloud-based solution, your personnel have online access to advanced, customisable post-processing just a click away.

OBS information can help you increase efficiency and reduce the amount of equipment needed at your site. You can see exactly how many trucks are needed in each loading area, and you can avoid costs due to ramps with improper slopes. Ultimately, OBS allows you to use accurate, up-to-date information to achieve optimal operating performance and safety while reducing business risk. Getting started requires no investment or experts. Save time and money with us.

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